Stoke d’Abernon News No. 19


David Lewis writes: Since being elected as your Elmbridge councillor, I have been working with my fellow Elmbridge councillors, Andrew Burley, Oliver Chappell and Surrey County Councillor, Mary Lewis on a wide variety of issues of concern to our residents.

Blundel Lane Railway Bridge: I pledged to procure a feasibility study into this potentially dangerous crossing. I am pleased to say that funds have been made available to conduct a traffic management study. This will be the first step in developing options for making this railway bridge crossing safer for pedestrians, cyclists, horses and motorists.

Local Spending Board: I was delighted to support the three Stoke d’Abernon Residents’ Association applications to the Local Spending Board held recently. Consequently, a replacement battery for the defibrillator, repairs to the pavement on the corner of Tilt Road and Bray Road and the planting of additional trees will be fully funded from the council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Planning: A new Local Plan is being developed and a consultation process is expected to be launched later in the year. Planning issues tend to be contentious. In Elmbridge, we have been given an ambitious Government target to build more than 600 homes a year. Small and affordable homes are needed which is resulting in proposals to build at high densities. I understand the strength of concern that such proposals are generating and your three ward councillors will support our residents whilst ensuring that the planning system is operating fairly and in accordance with planning policy

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments: In November last year, the threat of unlawful traveller encampments on our parks and open spaces was significantly reduced by a 3-year High Court injunction granted to the council which allows bailiffs to remove trespassers within 24 hours. This will protect our residents and save taxpayers’ money on clean-up costs.

Elmbridge Borough Council elections will be held on 2nd May 2019. I was elected in July 2018 to complete the balance of the 3-year term of my predecessor, and I now must seek re-election for a full term on that date.


We were slightly delayed in our opening, yet it was well worth it. All our inspections were passed with flying colours and the practice officially opened to patients on 14th December 2018.

We are receiving overwhelming support from local businesses and residents and we thank you all for making us feel such a part of the community. We are also incredibly touched to have been tracked down by so many patients from our previous practice. Some patients have even popped over just to say “hi” and commented positively about the local parade of shops. We feel this is a very welcome sign that our membership of the Stoke D’Abernon & Cobham Community will benefit all! The practice also has it’s own defibrillator – see below.

Our monthly maintenance plan has become extremely popular and patients say they appreciate the reduced fees, loyalty discounts and added accident and emergency insurance. We continue to welcome new patients and assure you of our commitment to your dental health. Our focus is sto provide the best possible dental care to every patient. Our ethos is to help patients feel as comfortable and at home as possible, establishing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which delivers an outstanding dental experience.

Claire, Mel, Wendy, Sally, Nicki & Louise.

The Residents’ Association thanks Claire Morrice and Cobham Dental for sponsoring the printing costs of this newsletter.


Thursday 2nd May at 8pm
St Mary’s Church Hall, Stoke Road.
(in the grounds of Parkside School)

Special guests will be the Yehudi Menhuin School. Their Head, Kate Clanchy, will give an introduction to this world renowned music school which is on our doorstep. We will then be treated to a short performance by some of the pupils not to be missed!


Stoke d’Abernon resident, Christina Spooner, has written a children’s story book called Hedgy. It is the story of Hedgy the hedgehog who doesn’t like his prickles. He wishes he looked like his friend Mole.

One day while walking with Bluetit, something terrible happens! Can Hedgy and his wonderful prickly coat help save the day?

A story for very young readers, promoting their self- confidence and celebrating their individuality. The book also supports the work of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and has some fun facts at the back for the little ones to learn.

A lovely adventure with delightful illustrations. You can buy your copy at The Cobham Bookshop. Well done and Good Luck, Christina! If you would like to see more details, please visit:


Did you know that Stoke d’Abernon’s parish church – St Mary’s – is one of the oldest churches in England, dating from the late 7th century? Its finest treasures are the two church brasses which date from the early 14th century and are arguably some of the best surviving military brasses in the country. They depict Sir John d’Abernon II and his son, Sir John d’Abernon III and show in fascinating detail how military armour evolved during the middle ages.

Now with the help of the latest printing technology the brasses are going to be on permanent display yet also protected from damage and wear. The ‘Eyemat’ conservation flooring system will replicate the brasses and the stone floor onto a photographically imaged mat. This technology is used extensively by the National Trust and also Buckingham Palace to conserve and protect valuable and historic floors and carpets.

The Eyemat should be in place from April 2019 so do come and investigate both the brasses and the church. St Mary’s is open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays between 2-4pm from April to October.

For further details go to the website

Village Defibrillator

This is now 3-years old and will soon be gaining a new battery paid for by the Elmbridge CIL fund. The device is situated on the wall of the Post Office and is regularly checked by volunteers. See our website for more details. Also note that the nearly adjacent Cobham Dental has its own defibrillator that is available to all in an emergency when they are open.

Painshill Fire Station

A public consultation has opened about proposed changes to the way Surrey operates the fire and rescue service. One of the proposals is to reduce the operating hours of Painshill Fire Station from its current 24hr operation to 7am – 7pm only.

The consultation closes on 26th May. You can have your say at this website:

Village Sign

The sign is under construction. A licence has been agreed with the council but there has been a delay in the planning process, which we hope will be resolved by the summer. A modest contribution may be needed from residents.

Have a spring break!

Local roads still leave much to be desired, in particular the approach to the bridge over the motorway going towards Fetcham. The long standing suspension-breaking bump here is the responsibility of Surrey County Council which has no money to spare!


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