Shaping Elmbridge – A New Local Plan

The new local plan document – Shaping Elmbridge – a new local plan – is now available on to download on the Elmbridge website. You can download the complete document by clicking here.

What is the local plan?

“The Elmbridge Local Plan sets out how the communities and places of Elmbridge will develop over the next 15 years. It includes policies and site allocations to guide the development and use of land, as well as defining the areas of the borough that will be protected and enhanced.”

Draft Elmbridge Local Plan

What’s included?

The full document runs to 122 pages, here’s a breakdown of the main chapters and what’s included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Elmbridge 2037
  3. Spatial strategy and delivery
  4. Tackling climate change
  5. Protecting and enhancing our environment
  6. Delivering homes for residents
  7. Growing a prosperous economy
  8. Delivering infrastructure and connectivity
  9. Site allocations
  10. Monitoring framework

Site allocations

Page 78, 79 and 80 list the proposed places for building (known as site allocations) in Cobham, Oxshott and Stoke D’Abernon.

The purpose of these site allocations is to allocate land for a range of uses to support
the vision and principles of the Local Plan. The allocations consider sites within the whole of
the borough, and allocate land for development including for housing, employment, retail,
community uses and infrastructure.

Draft Elmbridge Local Plan

The current list is as follows for Cobham, Oxshott and Stoke D’Abernon is as follows, further details are in the full document.

Site NameDelivery
Allocated for
Greenways and Bluebell
Lodge, 46 Copsem Lane,
Esher, KT10 9HJ
1-520 residential units
Cedar House, Mill Road,
Cobham, KT11 3AL
1-57 residential units
Cedar Road Car Park,
Cedar Road, Cobham,
KT11 2AA
1-155 residential units
Site B Garages at
Wyndham Avenue,
6-104 residential units
Site C garages at
Wyndham Avenue,
6-103 residential units
Garages at Waverley
Road, Oxshott
6-106 residential units
Garages at Bennett
Close, Cobham
6-104 residential units
Garages to the rear of 6-
24 Lockhart Road,
6-104 residential units
Glenelm and 160 Anyard
Roads, Conham, KT11
6-1034 residential units
1, 3 and 5 Goldrings
Road, Oxshott,
Leatherhead, KT22 0QP
6-1032 residential units
Cobham Village Hall and
Centre for the Community,
Lushington Drive,
Cobham, KT11 2LU
6-1037 residential units and
re-provision of
community use
87 Portsmouth Road,
Cobham, KT11 1JH
6-1010 residential units
Cobham Health Centre
and Garages off Tartar
6-1011 residential units and
re-provision of
community use
Selden Cottage and
Ronmar, Leatherhead
Road, KT22 0EX
6-1018 residential units
73 Between Streets,
Cobham, KT11 1AA
6-1040 residential units
St Andrew’s Church,
Oakshade Road, Oxshott,
KT22 0LE
11-15127 sqm of community
Ambleside, 3 The
Spinney, Queens Drive,
KT22 0PL
11-158 residential units
Coveham House,
Downside Bridge Road
and The Royal British
Legion, Hollyhedge Road,
11-1514 residential units
Shell Fairmile, 270
Portsmouth Road,
Cobham KT11 1HU
11-1510 residential units
68 Between Streets and
7-11 White Lion Gate,
11-156 residential units
Waitrose, 16-18 Between
Streets, Cobham KT11
11-1520 residential units
Garages and parking to
the rear of Cobham Gate,
11-158 residential units
Tiltwood Care Home,
Hogshill Lane, Cobham,
KT11 2AQ
11-1524 care home units
Ford Garage, 97
Portsmouth Road,
Cobham, KT11 1JJ
11-1521 residential units
Premier Service Station,
101 Portsmouth Road,
Cobham, KT11 1JN
11-157 residential units
Protech House, Copse
Road, Cobham KT11
11-1528 residential units
38 Copse Road, Cobham,
KT11 2TW
11-157 residential units
20 Stoke Road, Cobham11-158 residential units
Sainsbury’s car park,
Bridge Way, Cobham,
KT11 1HW
11-1558 residential units
BMW Cobham, 18-22
Portsmouth Road,
11-1527 residential units
Oxshott Medical Practice
and Village Centre Hall,
Holtwood Road
11-1510 residential units
& 1395 sqm floorspace
78 Portsmouth Road,
11-1530 residential units

More information

For more information, you can download a copy of the full Shaping Elmbridge – a new local plan draft document from the Elmbridge website by clicking here.

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